Hearing Aid Trial and Fittings/Hearing Aid Centre

In B. R. Memorial Mook-Badhir School, after the hearing test, a hearing machine trial is given, which shows how much the child listens to the machine. And after three months of special therapy, the hearing trial is done after the machine is installed, which shows how much benefit is heard from the machine.

If the benefits are not received from the hearing period, then the Cochlear will do a recommendation of the implant, which is a free-ranging implant under the ADIP Scheme and the Chief Minister's scheme.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Evaluation And Dispencing.

Behind The Ear Aids (BTE).

In The Ear Aid (ITE).

Complete In The Canal (ITC).

Receive In Canal (RIC).

Body Level.


Interton Hearing Aid

Resound Hearing Aid

Signia Hearing Aid

Phonak Hearing Aid

Starkey Hearing Aid

Oticon Hearing Aid